Sharing the Love. Celebrating the Life. Cherishing the Memories.


We believe that every family is entitled to compassionate care and personalized planning for a service that meets their emotional needs while respecting their traditions and budget.

Here When You Need Us.

Whether your choice is burial or cremation, a traditional funeral, or a contemporary service; you can count on our full support before, during, and after the funeral. Whenever you need us our family is here to serve you.

Our belief that every funeral or memorial is an opportunity to honor, celebrate and remember is just as strong today as it has ever been.

We are available to serve you and your family in other Chicagoland and Suburban locations.

A Place of Comfort.

When a loved one dies, honoring that person is an important first step toward healing. We are here to help you create a tribute, celebrate the life and preserve the legacy of your loved one.

Feel as though you are welcoming friends into your own home, for our home is your home…where healing begins.

A Place to Share Memories.

Our hope is to provide a place in the Chicagoland community where families can come together to share with one another and celebrate and relive fond memories and experiences – a place where you can feel you are welcoming friends into your own home. We honor tradition and believe in providing a comforting place to gather where you can remember the life of your loved one. Each of us deserves to be remembered and loved as a unique person.

Experience the gracious warmth throughout our funeral home.

Make Yourself at Home.

Visit with family and friends in our tastefully decorated family rooms with all the amenities of home.

Family Room.

Whether you are looking to host a small gathering after the memorial service or funeral, or need a meeting space for your community or civic organization, our elegantly appointed gathering room offers a relaxed atmosphere for receptions and events. Contact us to find out more.

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A Quiet Retreat.

You are invited to visit our Serenity Garden – a quiet retreat where you can gather… reflect… remember. We understand we cannot take your pain away, but hopefully we can help to make the journey of grief less lonely and perhaps a little easier.

You can also take our online tour.

Celebrate A Life

Funeral ceremonies are the opportunity to celebrate and rejoice in a life that was lived. We will help you cherish the past by designing a memorable ceremony that will be an opportunity to celebrate your loved ones life message and play a role in creating a lasting memory.

Funeral ceremonies all share a common goal… to bring closure to family and friends impacted by the death of a loved one while honoring that person and the life that was lived.

The Value of a Funeral

The Value of a Commital Service

Giving You Choices.

We are happy to provide you with options that offer flexibility and individuality with unlimited choices in merchandise and service. We will help you plan a service that reflects the personality and interests of your loved one, and is appropriate for your family, your traditions and your budget.

Meaningful Funerals are Doorways to Healing

Personalizing a funeral by portraying the personality and interests of a loved one helps to focus you before you begin the painful, necessary emotional, physical and spiritual transition from life before the death to life after your loss.

Displaying treasured belongings, photographs, items from a hobby or awards received, or playing his/her favorite music can all play a major role in making the funeral a moving and fitting tribute.

Examples to personalize your loved one’s funeral

The Choice of Cremation.

People may choose cremation for a variety of reasons – philosophical, religious, even environmental or they just want something simple. Whatever the reason, it’s important to know and understand all the options available to have a meaningful service.

Options When Choosing Cremation.

Did you know that the choice of cremation offers just as many, if not more, commemorative options as burial?

Some options are:

  • Visitation and Ceremony – A viewing of the person in the casket during a designated time where relatives and friends gather and provide comfort and support to one another. A service would follow and afterwards the casketed body is taken to the crematory.
  • Memorial Ceremony with Cremains in an urn. A memorial service can be contemporary or religious usually held at the funeral home or church with musical selections, readings, tributes and displays reflecting the person’s life.

Memorialization Choices.

A ceremony, simple or elaborate, traditional or contemporary, provides family and friends with the opportunity to say a final “goodbye.”

Trust us to help you plan a service that pays appropriate tribute to the accomplishments of a life well lived.

Memorialization Choices.

After cremation, the remains can be honored in a number of ways.

Some choices are:

  • A grave in a family plot or mausoleum niche, so that they may have a place to visit their loved one.
  • A place in their home.
  • Scattering the cremains in a place of great significance, such as the sea, favorite lake, park or in Earth’s orbit.
  • Distributing the cremains in keepsake urns or jewelry or artwork.

The Gift of Preplanning.

Preplanning your funeral is one of the most important, most considerate things you can do for your family. By making decisions now, you can specify exactly how you want to be remembered and spare your family from having to make decisions later, when they are least prepared to do so. Your family will know your wishes have been honored.

Great Reasons You Should Preplan

It’s Easier Than You Think.

When you preplan, it makes things easier for the people you love and brings comfort for all the right reasons. It’s easy to plan the funeral that best complements your life and fits within your budget. To help you be prepared for whatever life may bring, we also provide you with information and important documents on:

  • Advance Directives
  • Living Wills
  • Organ Donation
  • Selecting the Right Nursing Home
  • Long Term Disability Insurance

Consider Prepayment.

Preplanning your funeral costs nothing. We keep your wishes on file at no cost and no obligation.

Sound financial planning is one way to take responsibility for your future. Many people plan well for securing their futures, from building a portfolio to making a will. However, there is one aspect of financial planning that many forget...Advance Funeral Planning.

Contact us today for Peace of Mind tomorrow.

We’re Here to Help.

When someone we care about dies, whether the death is expected or unexpected, we find ourselves unprepared for what steps need to be taken. Assisting you with these steps is one of the most important parts of what we do.

What to do in the event of a death

Call Us First.

The first thing to do when a death occurs is to call us. Whether your loved one dies in town, out of town, in a hospice, hospital, or at home, we are here to help at any time of the day or night. You will need to provide only the name of the deceased, the place of death, your name, and a phone number where you can be reached. We will handle all the details on bringing your loved one into our care. We will set-up with you a time to come in and set up funeral arrangements.

For the arrangement conference

We Will Guide You Through.

After that, we will guide you through the process of sending the proper notifications, applying for insurance, pensions, benefits, and all other details – even information for making travel and lodging reservations for your guests.

We help you heal.

Helping a Friend in Need

Our Home is Yours.

Foran Funeral Home is located in the quaint, historic Village of Summit, Illinois. Located in the Southwest suburbs, we are just two city blocks outside of the Chicago City limits - just west of Harlem Avenue (7300 West) on Archer Avenue (5500 South).

We are ideally located with easy access to all major expressways and only minutes away from O'Hare and Midway Airports, downtown Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

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